The Pizza Oven

Things I want but realistically can't afford until (perhaps) a later point in my life:

1. 1989 Jeep Wagoneer
2. Loft in NYC
3. A trip around the world
4. A pizza Oven

Someday. Someday.

For now, let's focus on no. 4: The Pizza Oven.

Lucky parent's friend's Judy and David just got a beautiful pizza oven in their backyard and invited us over for a pizza night.

They set out all the ingredients and we all went to town on making different combinations. 

The crowd favorite was the BBQ chicken pizza which had fresh mozzarella, basil, BBQ sauce (shout-out to Trader Joes for some really tasty BBQ sauce, that store rarely disappoints) chicken, and red pepper flakes...gotta kick it up a bit, you know?

Then there was the pesto, goat cheese & mushroom pizza

The was also one with shredded cheese, mushrooms and bell peppers.  

To finish off the night? Dessert Pizzas! yes, that's right...dessert pizzas.

Pizza parties are to be had much more often in my humble opinion.


  1. That pizza oven rocks! And so does the mushroom, goat cheese and pesto pizza!

  2. Well I share wants 2 and 4 with you!! 2 will never come true! But 4 is planned on paper! The slab for our outdoor fireplace/pizza oven in formed and awaiting concrete! The good thing is my husband wrote is thesis on concrete/cement and some such things and is excited to build the oven himself! The sad thing is he works too many hours and things at home take a long time! thanks for sharing these pictures!!

  3. oh my! that is going to be so fun, can't wait to see how it turns out. Good pizza is just about one of the best foods matter what those food snobs say. post pictures of the oven when it's done!

  4. Hello Ilana! I'm a friend of your parents (worked with your mom at and I have met in passing a couple of times). I LOVE the at home pizza parties...I also dream of the outdoor pizza oven but at this point, I'm working on perfecting my pizzas on the BBQ (getting pretty good at it). Curious about the dough you used... Made from scratch or picked up from TJ's or something along those lines? Anyway, would love to know ... Always looking to try a new dough. Love your blog... Your photos are beautiful!

  5. hello! they had bought trader joes dough it was really good. I like a little chewier dough andI was telling everyone that we should test out dough recipes.
    I have yet to try grilled pizza, any tips? I think that'd be fun to do.
    thanks for reading my blog!



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