Another Summery Dish

I go back to school tomorrow, thus ending my lovely mini summer break and starting off the end of my college career. Believe it or not, I am thrilled about this. I am a bit of a restless one, always ready for the next big move, though I'm currently sorting out the details of said adventure. Only time will tell...but really!
As a farewell to home, I've been mostly hanging out with my parents and cooking fresh summery food. I was going to bake something chocolately and decadent, but I'll save that for when the summer produce has left us. This dish was a hit with the folks and I know I say this a lot's real nice and simple. And honestly that's how should all these great veggies should be prepared and eaten...nice and simple, isn't that what summer cooking is all about?

I'm sure I've mentioned how much I adore Ballard and their wonderful Farmer's Market. But allow me to reiterate...the Farmer's Market is pure gold. We picked up little baby pattypan squash, a couple handfuls of fresh morels (heavenly), a bunch of basil (the smell is so amazingly refreshing) and a small tub of locally made butter among bags of other goodies. The basil and rosemary grow abundantly on our porch making this meal a local treat.

Oh summer, I wish you could last forever. But not really....because I actually love autumn (coming soon to a planet near you)!


  1. I did not know one could buy morels. I have only seen friends pick them in the wild?? Where to buy in PA? Where are u?

    1. I got these at a farmers market in seattle, my home town. I know they grow wild in New York around where I go to school but I'm not sure about PA. I'd say small farmers markets and such. Good luck! I've tried foraging for them too...but no luck just yet!



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