Do you know what ramps are?

These are ramps (with the bottoms cut off, I'm saving those for another recipe):

They grow in the middle of those places people don't really go, off of the trails, and in the middle of everything/nothing. They take a little searching, and they taste delicate and oniony.

Sometimes you luck out and end up in a field of ramps like this:
(those aren't all ramps, they are sprinkled around some abundant skunk cabbage)

But please, if you do find yourself in a place like this, do not pick them all. 
Or they won't come back. Please don't be that kind of a person.

So what to do with them? I have a couple projects going, but let's start with dinner.

Tangled up on the bottom are some lovely sauteed ramps, and what's that on top? A yolky, wonderful egg. Eggs are awesome. It's the truth. If only we were all as versatile as eggs.

Honestly, the veggies & smoked trout were left over, but it all worked out swimmingly.

 There you have it! Ramps in action. Go out and find some of your own...


  1. oh wow, this looks delicious. i love the colors of this dish - you picked the ramps yourself? how were you able to distinguish them from other plants?

    1. yeah we picked them out in the woods. they're pretty easy to find, they have a distinct look.

  2. Love ramps! This looks so delicious!

    1. thanks! It was a tasty little dinner indeed

  3. Are ramps the same thing as wild garlic, maybe? I've bought wild garlic at my farmers market that look a like like ramps, but i'm not sure.
    Either way, your dish looks ah-maze-ing!

    1. somewhat similar flavor but they are leafier, they are sort of wild leeks, and thank you! It was very tasty



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