Jammed into A Jar

A while back I made Raspberry Jam, and it is down right delicious. 

After that I was feelin all sorts of jammy so I whipped up some peach jam at my pop's request. 

To peal peaches you just gotta toss 'em in some simmering water for a hot second and then drop 'e straight into ice water. Then the fuzzy skin just slips right off.

They looked so perfect when they were pealed...I resisted just devouring them at this point.

After pealing them I just followed the ratio on the pectin box.

Chopped peaches, sugar, lemon juice & pectin. Get er done.


  1. So pretty, look at all those delicious peaches!

  2. Your peach jam looks so beautiful and delicious! I think I would have a hard time too not eating those wonderfully pealed peaches!

  3. I'm not sure if I actually resisted biting in to one of if I just went for it....ha I wouldn't put it past me

  4. Excuse me where is my peach jam? It best be coming my way. XOOX It looks great!

  5. I must attest to how delicious this jam is...even better than the amazing images...great job!



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