Emmer & Rye

My miniature summer break is quickly coming to an end, so to top off this vacation of friends, food, family, beer, and whiskey I headed to Emmer & Rye for one last taste of the Seattle restaurant scene.

A bloody mary to start. I think I might be becoming a drinker...in the fun, young way that is. It's fast becoming my favorite vice. In moderation, of course.

We all shared the Farro Fries to start

I really liked these, it was almost like they cooked the farro(a type of wheat) like oatmeal, let it cool & fried it up so the outside was nice and crispy. The sage-yoghurt dipping sauce was so refreshing and flavorful too.

Then my mum & I shared a few small plates(which in reality weren't very small at all) and an entree. Here's a look at what was on the table between the five of us.

That's a lovely little dish isn't it? come on, just say it. It's gorgeous. ok, good I agree.

That would be the Spot Prawns with a spicy emmer cake & snap pea broth. need I say more? It was great.

And then there was the Cauliflower with Local Mushrooms, Spicy Greens & Walnut Vinaigrette. mmm this would have been a great meal all on its own, it was so savory and surprisingly hearty.

Crispy seared King Salmon with Morels & English Peas

This was a nightly special, the salad had pickled beets, arugula, fennel, cucumber & parm. It was really nice and refreshing, a salad worth paying for...not just a bunch of greens in a bowl, yanno? I'd eat this again, and again. and again?

Last but surely not least, an assorted pickle plate: Asparagus, Beets, Green Beans & Fiddleheads. Boy, I love pickles.


  1. what a tasty dinner. The cauliflower looks so freakin good.

  2. Glad to hear mum is teaching you to drink in moderation!

  3. The food is good here. It's walking distance from my house and it's cute to. Looks like you had a lovely meal.

  4. yum~ I have a Tippr to use at this restaurant. I've been wanting to try it for a while!

  5. It was such a cute place, those fries and that dip were insanely good! I hear there's also a great frozen yoghurt place nearby...gotta check that out next time

  6. nice! I don't think you'll be disappointed. I'm guessing tippr is like groupon? Fill me in, I love a good deal.

  7. If you ever come visit, I'll take you there!

  8. I work there!

  9. oh yahhh I knew you said you worked somewhere good but couldn't remember where. how do you like it? It was a delicious meal!

  10. Glad you liked it. It's a fun place to work, but I'm leaving in October. When do you graduate? What are your plans after?



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